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27 May 2014
When you set out to place robocalls to your client or potential client database, you are, naturally, searching for a certain response from your recipients. Auto dialer software may be used for surveys, letting your clients know of a new promotion you have prepared for them, getting feedback on a new product, announcing a product or service launch and so on. Whatever the purpose of your automated voice messaging campaign, improving the response rates should be one of your main concerns. Here are some useful ideas in order to get the most out of your automated calling campaign.
First of all, you should make sure that each of the recipients can comprehend the message of your robocalls accurately. For this to happen, you need to make sure that the voice recording the message is clear enough and there is no static or background noise to be heard. Yet, you may encounter another problem: language comprehension. Today’s world is diverse and multicultural, just like your clients. There are very few cities in the world that have population that speaks a single language. Thus, you may want to take into account multilingual communication.
Rest assured; the auto dialer software can handle this. In fact, it will treat each language as if it were a totally different message. However, there are other aspects of multilingual automated voice messaging campaigns that you need to take into account.
You may want to ask your clients what language they prefer to receive their automated calling messages in. It is better to ask than to assume, so go ahead and put out some short robocalls in order to obtain this information. Moreover, your clients will, most likely, be impressed by your care for them.
After having a clear picture of which language each of your clients prefers, you need to choose between recording your messages with a live operator and using a text-to-speech translator. The latter may seem like the easy way out (in fact, most auto dialer software companies can provide you with this option). Yet, text-to-speech programs are not entirely reliable, especially when it comes to certain dialects. The safest way is to go for a live operator, preferably a native speaker.
After choosing the language, make sure that your automated voice messaging campaign also has a response-based differentiation. In other words, your message should be different if your call is being answered by a voice mail/answering machine or by a live person. This differentiation can be easily done by the automated calling service.
Don’t forget to include a call-to-action. After all, your robocalls are meant to attract more sales, drive more traffic to your website or obtain feedback. Whatever the purpose, make sure that it is clearly understood by the recipients and that you entice them to perform a certain action.


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