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21 Jun 2014

In the competitive world of business and marketing, China is not far behind from being the most efficient and business minded country. With over 1.3 billion people and rising, China has the biggest market in the world, which leaves nothing short of a goldmine for businessmen. However, with the Chinese market ripe for the picking, it would be wise for the Chinese businessmen, to reap wisely and learn from the likeminded people of the west, how to make a good profit in the Chinese market.

The Chinese market as mentioned before, is very huge. This means western business tactics of advertising a product, promoting it and peaking peoples interest in it can result in a very full pocket for the business people who take the opportunity to learn from westerners. Western business tactics employ a combination of skills and tactics to achieve their goal, namely, research, growth, vision, teamwork, marketing and innovative methods to form their unshakable business strategies.

Think of the following example, when you feel hungry and want to order Chinese food from a Chinese restaurant, what is the name of the restaurant you think of? if you know of one, how many people know of the same restaurant? now think of a western fast food joint, how many names come to your mind? McDonalds? kfc? burger king?  too many to name? these names come to mind regardless of whether you are from the west or not. When your product is popularized enough, advertized well, and is of good quality, then the immediate result, is cash. Cold hard cash. If these are not up to the mark, even good products might lose their luster to better advertised ones of lesser quality.

The Western business minds think of constantly updating their products to keep up with the consumer demand. An example would be Apple, and Microsoft. Both companies have been at each others necks with product updates, and both of them do not fail to deliver, making good sales, even with minor negligible updates to newer products. This, is keeping up with the times and tastes of consumers and adjusting with their sense of wanting what is new and being out with the old. The result, huge amounts of cold hard cash.

A notable mention is also the pricing strategies used by western companies. A good pricing strategy does not mean just lowering your prices. Infact, western business minds seem to think this backfires. Cheaper products, even if they are better quality than the other ones in the market, tend to lack luster and tend to look cheap instead of just being cheap to buy. Western minds seek to not make things overpriced either for the sake of keeping it in the budget of most consumers in the market. This balance, along with lowered production costs, ends in a lot of profit for these said companies.

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