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04 May 2015

People merely think of motor homes as vehicles that you can live in. I bought my motorhome three years ago and it has proven to be much more than that. My motorhome is the embodiment of my freedom, my day off and my thirst for adventure.

Here are 5 factors why you should buy a motorhome:

When people begin to consider buying a motorhome, a third thought always seems to cross their minds. Every time they inch closer to owning one, their mind seems to juggle with several thoughts. Why waste money on something like this? What’s so special about it? These questions dangle through everybody’s minds, but only until you get your hands on one. It is beyond doubts that people who have bought a motorhome are thrilled to the core with the fabulous features that comes bundled with it. To convince you, here are some of the most attractive things about an RV.



It’s a great investment and it’s totally worth the money spent on it.I had a lot of second thoughts before I decided to buy my motorhome. But every day that I have spent driving around in it has been a special day .There is no superior feeling to waking up to a beautiful day in your motorhome.



Another aspect is that resale value on motor homes including recreational vehicles is really good. This means that, if you take good care of your motorhome and maintain it properly the way I have .Then the resale value becomes more than 80% of the price you bought it at. This means that you would be getting back most of the money you spent. 



  1. 3.     CUSTOMISABLE:

There are a lot of restrictions on how far you can customise your house.But for amotorhome, there is absolutely no limit as to how far you can build on it and add your own touches. Your motorhome can be customised regarding aspects like performance such as engine, suspensions, fuel intake or you can chose to make your motorhome look any way you want it to be. You just pick a theme and go wild. The idea is that every motorhome can be made unique to the individual who owns it. When I went to buy my motorhome,it was plain with desert coloured paint. I spent a lot of time and effort to make the RV look the way it does now.


  1. 4.     PLENTY OF ROOM:

Motorhomes are very spacious vehicles. These vehicles offer all the space and comforts of home with the mobility and speed of a truck. When you go out on a vacation, you couldn’t have asked for more. Everything you need to carry fits in like it always belonged there. What’s even better is that you save a fortune on Hotel expenses as your motorhome becomes your bed.


  1. 5.     BEING DIFFERENT:

It is indeed wonderful to feel different sometimes when all the attention is centred on you. This is exactly what it would feel like to own a motorhome. When I decided to buy my motorhome, people came up to me and advised me to reconsider. The same people now look at me with envy as I drive around in my sweet baby while they are still in their Hondas and Toyotas. 


There could still be some doubts in your mind regarding what you really want. But I am sure that there is nothing more worth it than buying a motorhome. The decision is your to make, however, let me tell you that the motorhome is one crazy unparalleled beast on the road.


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