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04 May 2015

There are some basic cattle feed online that animals need to be feed for growth, maintenance, reproduction and to have good health. This feed includes protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and water. Cattle get energy from fats and carbohydrate for proper growth and activities. For energy protein is also good particularly if the intake of carbohydrate and fat is inadequate then protein can covers the needs.

The animals can’t sustain without proper source of energy within their body and for doing muscular activities. When the intake of energy level exceeds more than requirement, surplus amount get stored into the body as fat automatically. This will be utilized as source of energy later if feed supply becomes less.

Types of Food


If the cattle are immature they need more protein for growing muscles and other body parts. As in egg, milk and wool much protein content includes therefore more amount of protein is needed in animals feed for producing these. Every animal need less protein for their maintenance like muscles repair, internal organs and tissues of body. Protein is composed for 20 type of amino acid which helps with digestion.

Carbohydrate and Fat

Carbohydrate and fat is other major source of energy for animals. It helps in yielding heat that maintains temperature of body, supplies energy for body growth and activity of muscles and sustain other vital functions. Some of the simple kind of carbohydrate and fats feed online is sugar and starchy items that animals can digest easily. Complex type of carbohydrates is cellulose and hemicelluloses which create fungus in cattle.

Fats play a high nutritive value in cattle life because they get digested easily because it furnishes one quarter of energy which is equal to starch or sugar. This fat can be replaced with equal amount of carbohydrate feed that digest easily, apart from essential fatty acids in few amount. Typically animal feed includes less amount of fatty acid unless it gets removed after processing.


Essential minerals needed for animals include calcium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, salt, iodine, selenium, molybdenum and zinc. These minerals can be toxic if given in large amount. Generally cattle needs more amount of salt than the salt content included in the feed online. Out of all minerals like calcium and phosphorus can lack because they are used more for producing their by products like milk, bones and eggshells. The best source of calcium and phosphorus are di-calcium phosphate, phosphorus bone meal and de-fluorinated phosphate.

Deficiency in iodine can cause loss of new born calves due to goiter. It can be prevented by providing the cattle enough iodized salt during their carrying. Farm animals can become anemic if there is deficiency in copper and cobalt. Mineral supplements need to be given for this deficiency. Iron and manganese are also necessary in cattle diet for producing by-products. Vitamin B is important for feeding cattle because bacteria content in rumen will synthesize Vitamin B. Small calves also need this vitamin in their diet. 


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