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03 Apr 2014

Diazepam and alaprazolam both fall in the category of drugs that are known as Benzodiazepine drugs. Basically these are medications that are regarded as the sedative hypotonics, which are generally prescribed to those patients who are suffering from anxiety on short term basis. These drugs are also used in following conditions

  • pre-operative sedation,
  • management of alcohol withdrawal,
  • treatment of some seizure disorders

Also, they work as muscle relaxants. It is worth mentioning that doctors share the combined opinion that these drugs should not be prescribed for long term use as the patients can develop addiction of them, which not at all is a good sign.

In this section we will try to present a comparison of both of...

30 Jan 2014

Anabolic steroids is the androgenic male hormone. It has a vital role in the body development and operates at a faster pace in comparison with the other hormones which are present in the body. It also allows the body to become healthier and stronger. It can increase the muscle tissue strength which allows the body gaining maximum return from it. The muscles growth increases to larger extent.

This drug has a soothing effect on your body and can be used in handling the routine work daily and in a perfect way. You can also consider this drug as androgenic in nature which is same as the other medicines.

The tissues are also found to be building really rapidly with the help of this hormone. The muscles can be repaired...