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31 Oct 2014


Significant water reserves are concentrated in the lakes. In Russia, more than 2.5 million. Lakes. The largest lake – the Caspian, Ladoga, Onega, Lake Baikal. The Caspian Sea – the largest lake in the world by area, and the deepest – Baikal. Lake located very uneven. Especially a lot of them in Vilyuiskaya basin, on the West Siberian Plain and the northwest European plain – in Karelia. All of these areas are in conditions of excess moisture. To the south, in the steppes and semi-arid climate with them, the number of lakes decreases sharply, and many lakes are salty or brackish water. Salt are those undrained large lakes as the Caspian Sea, as well as Elton and Baskunchak, where it produces table salt.